Hire The Best Plumbing Contractors in 5 Steps

Hiring Plumbing Contractors

Looking for the best plumbing contractor to fix your broken tap? Or someone to replace the shower head?

The plumbing industry in Australia is worth a whopping $13 billion. While it may seem a simple affair, you wouldn’t want the wrong person to do it. Hiring plumbers is an expensive affair, with most charging upwards of $50 an hour, and you would want to choose the best one.

How do you do it?

The 5 Steps to Hire the Best Plumbing Contractor

Here are the five steps to help you make the right choice.



Plumbing Contractor

Step 1 – Research Online and Ask Your Friends

You could get plenty of quotes online – even from local plumbers. Have a look at the services around you, choose the quotes that fit your budget and start your search. Don’t just go in for the lowball bids – you would need to look at everything from your budget to their work experience.

Have a look at the online reviews when searching online so that you choose only ones that deliver both quality and time. If you are a resident of South East Queensland, then you can choose the best plumber in your area who have built a great reputation through strong work ethics and fair prices.

Being on time is an important criterion – you wouldn’t want to keep waiting for your plumber. You may even want to ask around your friends and relatives as to whether they have a reliable plumber of their own.


Step 2 – Look at their Work

Having a look at the portfolio of the plumbing contractor will tell you what they have been doing all along. While most plumbing contractors would know how to fix a broken pipe, not all could identify the right reason for a leaking pipe. Knowing that they have been in the industry for years helps you know that they would probably get the job done right.

  • If you are unsure, it’s a good idea to talk to the plumber over the phone, to know about their insights and understand how they would carry on with your work.
  • It would also give you a fair idea of how long it would take to complete the work.
  • The response time will also tell you just how busy he is – which tells you whether he will be able to do the work on time.
  • It also tells you about his social skills.

This would also help you gauge their persona, enabling you to make a better choice – since you would know just whether they would fit in to your needs.


Step 3- Look at their availability

Some plumbers are available only during the day. Others, you could get hold no matter when you have a plumbing emergency.

Going for the latter helps you pick one that you could get anytime – which could be useful for any plumbing emergency you may have in the future.


Step 4 – Look at the services on offer

A wide range of services can mean two things – that the plumbing contractor is either experienced in all of it or are just trying their hands on everything to earn that extra buck.

Some plumbers only state they could help you with fixing leaking tap repairs while others fix everything from toilets to gas fittings to carrying out hot water repairs.

Check if they have workman’s compensation insurance and offers you warranty on his products for at least a year.



Step 5 – Compare the quotes one final time

If you have got more than one plumbing contractor on your list now, it’s time to look at the one who is going to cost the least. Choose the one who offers low-cost services and specializes in the problem you’re dealing with.  You might want to look at the total cost though – including everything.

These five steps will ensure that you zero in on the plumbing contractor you need.



When hiring a plumbing contractor for your job, you need someone experienced and skilled. They can identify the problem quickly, help you during your plumbing emergencies and take care of your property the entire time.

You wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning the work area after they are done with the job – which could save you some time.