How To Recognise and Manage Termites

Best Ways to recognise and manage termites

There is quite possibly nothing more disheartening than discovering termites around your property. There is no need to jump to the immediate worst conclusion. Termites have been in existence and have cohabitated in the world for a very long time and with some successful management tips, you will be able to remediate your termite problem and learn how to live in the world with them. To Recognise and Manage Termites, check out the following tips provided by the professionals at Pro Termites, an Australian based termite inspection company.

Best Ways to recognise and manage termites


Keep A Watchful Eye

If you hear about Drywood termites in your neighborhood you will want to keep a watchful eye around your home for signs of termites. Once they become present in an area they can typically easily spread from one home to the next if the homes are not under the care of a pest control company with routine maintenance sprays.

Signs Of Termites

  • Doors and windows are sticking more than normal and it has not been raining or humid
  • Headbanging noises coming from the termites within your walls
  • Visually witnessing flying and swarming colonies
  • Random wings around your property
  • Hollow wood around your home
  • Tunnels in pieces of wood
  • Termite poop called Frass

Signs Of Termites

Look For The Signs Of Termites

There are many signs listed above to keep a watchful out for if you are searching for signs of termites. Once you hear of termites in your neighborhood do routine checks every two to four weeks around your property for the above-mentioned signs.

Some of the most obvious signs of termites on or near your property would include witnessing a swarm of the pests on or headed towards your property. They swarm because they are looking for a mate.

Once the termites mate their wings fall off. While you are searching your home and property for signs of termites keep a watchful eye out for termite wings. This is another sign that they are present on your property.

Listen Carefully

Termites are known to partake in an activity known as headbanging. While they are munching away on the wood of your house and burrowing in the framework they will emit a sound. They literally bang their heads and vibrate their bodies as they work. You can stay very quiet in areas that you suspect may be infested with termites and listen for this sound.

Check Outside Wood Stacks

If you keep firewood on your property it should never be stacked up against your home, shed or garage. Termites can infest the wood and burrow. While you are doing a perimeter check make sure you keep an eye out in these areas. Also, listen carefully. The termites will also headbang while in the wood stacks. Look for termite droppings known as Frass and burrows in the wood.

property for signs of termites

Now that you have discovered you have termites there are a few things you can do to remediate the problem. If the infestation seems contained or minimal then you can use these tips:

  • Expose the area to as much sunlight as possible. Termites hate sunlight.
  • Borax isn’t just for laundry. Sprinkle the area with powdered Borax and termites will take it back to the colony.
  • Vinegar mixed with the juice of 2 lemons & sprayed on termites will kill them.
  • Orange Oil kills termites.

How Exactly Do These Natural Tips Work?

  • Digestive disturbance
  • Repelling Odor
  • Physically damaging

Termites hate sunlight and will die if they are exposed to it for any prolonged amount of time. Orange Oil dissolves the exoskeletons of the termites. You can buy it in bulk from a home store or you can order it as an essential oil from a health food store. Mix it with vinegar in a spray bottle and spray directly on the termites.

Natural Tips To Control Termties

Also, find the nest and spray it on the nest. You may need to do this several times but over time it will kill the colony. Borax damages the termites’ digestive process and causes death. Termites are repelled by the odor of the vinegar and lemons combined. Over time, with repeated spray treatments, the termites will vacate the area that is being treated with vinegar and lemons.

When In Doubt

When in doubt you should always seek the help of trained and certified professionals. If the infestation seems larger than you initially suspected bring in a team of pest control specialists to survey the damage and help find a solution to re-mediate the pest problem.


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