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The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2014) is inviting sponsors and exhibitors to reserve space at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong, China.


The conference will provide a unique opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss research directions for the future. Technical topics of the conference include all areas of robotics and automation.

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The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is the largest convention and exhibition centre in Hong Kong, and has been named "Asia's Best Convention and Exhibition Centre" for nine times by readers of CEI Asia magazine, a leading regional publication.

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Important Dates

Important Dates: August 15, Proposals for organized/ special sessions September 15 16, Submission of Full-length papers and videos September 15 16, Proposals for tutorials/ workshops January 15, Notification of paper and video acceptance February 15, Final Submission Deadline


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  • 15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

    No matter how clean a house may be, it is not entirely immune to pest infestation.

    So, if you are depending on hygienic practises alone to keep you safe from pests, you need to take a step further and learn eco-friendly pest control in Brisbane methods.

    Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods:  Top 15

    Pest control methods fall into two categories—biological and chemical. And while both measures are effective, one happens to be safer for you and the environment when compared to the other.

    This safer method is often referred to as eco-friendly, and we will be looking at 15 methods you can use to practise eco-friendly pest control in your home.

    15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

    Season your windows

    It is common practise to season foods when cooking. But it would surprise you to know that there are certain food seasonings that can repel insects from your home. These spices are easy to get and most of them are already in your kitchen.

    Spices that are toxic to insects include cinnamon, black pepper, rosemary, garlic, and salt. To use them as pest control, shake some seasoning onto your window sills and form a line with it. It will prevent insects from entering your room.

    Plant pest repellents in your garden

    If you have a garden, you can start planting some of the herbs that are toxic to pests by yourself. When you do this, you will be protecting the other plants in your garden in the safest and most eco-friendly way.

    Some of the herbs you can plant to repel insects include rosemary, lavender, mint, and basil. As these herbs protect your vegetable garden, you can harvest some, put them in small bags, and arrange them in places where you feel insects are likely to infest, like the wardrobe or bookshelf.

    Use food waste and leftovers

    Waste foods like banana peels, orange peels, lime peels, and other citrus peels are very effective for eco-friendly pest control. So the next time you eat these foods, do not be in a hurry to throw away the peels.

    Cut the banana and citrus peels into tiny pieces, then place them on your window sills and counters to act as natural pest repellants. You can also use these peels to make a citrus cleansing spray.

    Use vinegar and coconut oil

    Instead of introducing toxic chemicals into your home, use vinegar to make a natural cleaning liquid. The cleaner you will make from vinegar will also serve as a pest repellent, and it is very easy to make.

    Measure a portion of coconut oil, then double that portion for the vinegar. Make a solution out of both ingredients and you will get a healthy vinegar spray for your home.

    Use baking soda

    Since baking soda has so many benefits, it is no surprise that it is also useful for controlling pests. It is very poisonous to insects but still remains a non-toxic form of pesticide.

    To use baking soda, strategically sprinkle it in places where you find pests. When they ingest it, it produces gas in their stomach—a gas that is strong enough to kill pests in a matter of hours.

    Heat treatment

    This form of pest control is highly effective, especially against bed bugs. According to recent findings, heat treatment has a success rate of over 95%, and this is because it is very hard for insects to withstand heat, so they cannot survive this treatment.

    When used in an infected room, heat treatment will kill all the insects in that room. And since it does not involve the use of any toxic substances, it can pass as a safe and eco-friendly method of pest control.

    Invite birds

    If you have a pet bird, this method should be very easy. When birds are left to roam around the garden, they can add more colour and life to it. But they also serve as eco-friendly pest control agents because they feed on tiny pests.

    According to a recent publication, birds eat up to 550 million insects a year. So, you should put bird feeders in your garden to attract more birds. Your pest problems will be taken care of as they eat the insects.

    Use boric acid

    Since the 1940s, boric acid has been regarded as an effective pest controller. This naturally occurring compound can kill different types of insects, and all you have to do is apply it to the parts of your home where you have been seeing insects.

    Use traps

    You can set up traps to catch different types of pests in your home. This method is especially good for rodents since they are bigger and easier to lure into traps.

    It is also a great choice if you are one of those people that just wants to get rid of pests without killing them. When you catch them in traps, you can take them outside and release them.

    Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

    Natural pesticides

    Before many of these chemicals were discovered and used for pest control, people had been handling them naturally. So, if you want to be eco-friendly, use a natural insecticide like pyrethrum.

    Organic pesticides like pyrethrum are biodegradable, and they are also safe to use because they have low toxicity to humans.

    Use solar power

    Being eco-friendly is all about keeping nature in mind. This is why the use of solar power as a way to get rid of pests has become a welcome development.

    With a solar panel above the ground and its spike underground, a solar device can cause enough vibrations to scare off any insects on the ground around your house.

    Make a sticky trap

    The trap we mentioned before was more effective for rats, but this sticky type is perfect for smaller pests and insects. All you need is a jar of banana peels, then rub petroleum jelly on the rim of the jar.

    When you do this, the insects will get attracted to the banana, but on their way to get it inside the jar, they will get stuck on …

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    Carport or Garage – Which is best

    Carports and garages share similar purposes but have a few differences. When deciding which structure you prefer, you need to consider several factors. This guide will compare and contrast carports and garages to help you decide which structure works best for you. It would be best to consider cost, uses, and maintenance before deciding which structure works best for you.

    What is the difference between a carport and a garage?

    What is the difference between a carport and a garage?

    Carports are large structures typically detached from a house and are not fully enclosed. Garages are fully enclosed structures that are either attached or detached from your house. Both structures will keep your vehicle safe from the weather.

    Carport materials

    Carports are generally composed of aluminum structure beams and a metal roof. These structures use minimal materials because they are only designed to cover a specific spot.

    Garage materials

    Garages require more materials than carports because they are fully enclosed structures. Garages are generally composed of the following materials:

    • Vinyl siding
    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Wood

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Carports

    Carports have pros and cons that need consideration before building or buying this structure. The list below will help you make comparisons to determine if a carport is an ideal structure to suit your needs.


    Carports are cheaper to build or buy than garages because fewer materials and functions are involved with a carport. Carports have an average cost of about 4,000 dollars. The cost varies depending on material costs and availability at the time of purchase.


    Carports have an extensive range of quality depending on the materials involved in the build. These ports will hold firm against any weather conditions when made from steel. However, you can also get a cheap portable carport if you are okay with sacrificing quality.


    Installing a carport on your property is easy. You can install it on a concrete slab or install it over grass. You only need a designated area where you want to put the carport and the carport itself.


    Maintaining a carport is very easy. Carports don’t require frequent cleaning or special accommodations. You can sweep the inside to get rid of debris and power wash the outside occasionally to clean it. Carports don’t typically use siding, so you don’t need to powerwash the structure often.

    carport and a garage

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage

    Garages have pros and cons that need consideration before building or buying this structure. The list below will help you make comparisons to determine if a garage is an ideal structure to suit your needs.


    Garages will cost more than carports. Garages use more materials because they are fully enclosed structures. The price of a garage varies greatly depending on the size of the garage and the features you want to add. The cheapest you can buy a single car garage kit for is 7000 dollars, but the price can get up to 50,000 dollars depending on what features you add to your garage.


    Garages are always made from durable materials and will last for years. Garages are fully enclosed to keep your vehicle and items completely safe. Therefore, you can always expect your garage to be high quality and practical. Garages have the additional benefit of acting as storage space because they are enclosed.


    Installing a garage on your property is more complicated than a carport. You need to install a garage on an even concrete slab, and it can be even more complicated if you want your garage attached to a house. To install a garage, you should hire a professional to ensure the job is done right and looks fantastic.


    Maintaining a garage can be difficult. It is essential to keep your garage clean because wild animals will be attracted to the enclosed structure if you are not careful. In addition, garages use siding, so you will need to power wash the outside occasionally to keep the siding looking good. You will also need to lube your garage door to keep opening and closing it with ease.

    Other Factors to Consider

    You need to consider the type of vehicle you have and your area’s climate when deciding what structure works best for you. Also, consider the spot you plan to put the structure. For example, if you want to put the structure on grass, you need a carport. On the other hand, if you don’t mind using a concrete foundation, you may want to invest in a garage. If you need to consult with a local carport or garage builder in Brisbane, search using “Carports Brisbane” on Google, you will find the locals.


    The structure you decide to add to your property depends heavily on your budget and what you want out of the structure. If you have a limited budget and only care about covering your vehicle, a carport will be better. If you have a bigger budget and want storage space, you are better off investing in a garage. You need to consider your space, budget, and maintenance before investing in either structure.…

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  • How To Recognise and Manage Termites

    Best Ways to recognise and manage termites

    There is quite possibly nothing more disheartening than discovering termites around your property. There is no need to jump to the immediate worst conclusion. Termites have been in existence and have cohabitated in the world for a very long time and with some successful management tips, you will be able to remediate your termite problem and learn how to live in the world with them. To Recognise and Manage Termites, check out the following tips provided by the professionals at Pro Termites, an Australian based termite inspection company.

    Best Ways to recognise and manage termites


    Keep A Watchful Eye

    If you hear about Drywood termites in your neighborhood you will want to keep a watchful eye around your home for signs of termites. Once they become present in an area they can typically easily spread from one home to the next if the homes are not under the care of a pest control company with routine maintenance sprays.

    Signs Of Termites

    • Doors and windows are sticking more than normal and it has not been raining or humid
    • Headbanging noises coming from the termites within your walls
    • Visually witnessing flying and swarming colonies
    • Random wings around your property
    • Hollow wood around your home
    • Tunnels in pieces of wood
    • Termite poop called Frass

    Signs Of Termites

    Look For The Signs Of Termites

    There are many signs listed above to keep a watchful out for if you are searching for signs of termites. Once you hear of termites in your neighborhood do routine checks every two to four weeks around your property for the above-mentioned signs.

    Some of the most obvious signs of termites on or near your property would include witnessing a swarm of the pests on or headed towards your property. They swarm because they are looking for a mate.

    Once the termites mate their wings fall off. While you are searching your home and property for signs of termites keep a watchful eye out for termite wings. This is another sign that they are present on your property.

    Listen Carefully

    Termites are known to partake in an activity known as headbanging. While they are munching away on the wood of your house and burrowing in the framework they will emit a sound. They literally bang their heads and vibrate their bodies as they work. You can stay very quiet in areas that you suspect may be infested with termites and listen for this sound.

    Check Outside Wood Stacks

    If you keep firewood on your property it should never be stacked up against your home, shed or garage. Termites can infest the wood and burrow. While you are doing a perimeter check make sure you keep an eye out in these areas. Also, listen carefully. The termites will also headbang while in the wood stacks. Look for termite droppings known as Frass and burrows in the wood.

    property for signs of termites

    Now that you have discovered you have termites there are a few things you can do to remediate the problem. If the infestation seems contained or minimal then you can use these tips:

    • Expose the area to as much sunlight as possible. Termites hate sunlight.
    • Borax isn’t just for laundry. Sprinkle the area with powdered Borax and termites will take it back to the colony.
    • Vinegar mixed with the juice of 2 lemons & sprayed on termites will kill them.
    • Orange Oil kills termites.

    How Exactly Do These Natural Tips Work?

    • Digestive disturbance
    • Repelling Odor
    • Physically damaging

    Termites hate sunlight and will die if they are exposed to it for any prolonged amount of time. Orange Oil dissolves the exoskeletons of the termites. You can buy it in bulk from a home store or you can order it as an essential oil from a health food store. Mix it with vinegar in a spray bottle and spray directly on the termites.

    Natural Tips To Control Termties

    Also, find the nest and spray it on the nest. You may need to do this several times but over time it will kill the colony. Borax damages the termites’ digestive process and causes death. Termites are repelled by the odor of the vinegar and lemons combined. Over time, with repeated spray treatments, the termites will vacate the area that is being treated with vinegar and lemons.

    When In Doubt

    When in doubt you should always seek the help of trained and certified professionals. If the infestation seems larger than you initially suspected bring in a team of pest control specialists to survey the damage and help find a solution to re-mediate the pest problem.


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    10 Tips to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home

    10 Tips to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home

    DIY Pest Control Tips and Advice

    10 Tips to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home

    Running into a rodent (like a large rat) or any other pest is most homeowner’s worst nightmare. Apart from the potential negative health implications, the fright of encountering a critter in your house is enough reason to contact a pest control expert in your area. If you are like most guys, killing living things, even as tiny as a cockroach, is frightening. You don’t want them dead; all you need is to have them away from your house. So, take the matter into your hands and work around these DIY pest control tips on preventing infestation in your house. We had a chat with Edward Ellis from Eco Pest Control Brisbane and he was excited to help us put together these great tips.

    1. Store food appropriately

    You wouldn’t want to host a dinner party with some pests on the table as unwanted guests. Therefore, make sure that you store food in lockable containers, and then put them in cupboards with fasteners. Pests have it easy when it comes to entering cardboard boxes, so keep open food in sealed boxes or plastic bags. Store fruits in the refrigerator to prevent ants and fruit flies from accessing the food.

    2. Seal all possible entrances

    “Where there is a way there is a will”, that is the mantra that guides pests. Whenever there is a small crack into your house, pests see it as an opportunity to get into your house. That is why you should treat any cracks, crevices and gaps. Inspect the exterior of your home thoroughly, especially the foundation, to ensure that there isn’t any gap big enough for pests to fit.

    3. Dispose waste correctly

    Besides the food that you want to eat, pests can also feast on waste and leftovers. To avert this, put a tight lid on all bins and empty them regularly. Store bins away from entrances to keep off pests from your home. Take care of any litter around your compound immediately. If you are into recycling, wash the containers first.

    4. Install screens over vents and other openings

    Installing screens over openings such as chimneys keeps pests away from your home as they cannot access it. Make sure that the screens fit properly and that they are repaired and replaced as and when required. As long as the pests don’t get in, potential for damage is decreased significantly.

    5. Keep the house clean

    It might sound like your home is clean enough, but pests tend to thrive in unclean places. Clean your floors every day to ensure that animals do not feast on the crumbs or residues that have fallen on the floors. Tackle al spills immediately and declutter the kitchen sink. Do not leave dishes to soak and use a dishwasher where possible.

    6. De-clutter

    When you don’t clear clutter inside and outside your home, you are providing a breeding and habitable place for pests to thrive. Plastic bags, newspapers, boxes, and cardboards are ideal places for pests to thrive. If it is a must for these things to be kept, make sure they are away from the house. If possible, keep them away from the house entirely.

    7. Keep the house dry

    Just as food is important to the survival of pests, so is water. A cockroach has the ability to survive on water for a month without food. Install gutter in the exterior of your home appropriately. Always drain water from the sink and mop any puddles that may be around your home. Fix all leaking appliances ASAP.

    8. Change lights

    Animals are attracted to light. If you wish to reduce the number of flying insects in your house, use halogen lights. Any light that has a yellow, orange or pink color tends to attract fewer bugs. It applies to the exterior lights too. The porch area is most prone to flying animals, so make sure the lights don’t worsen the situation.

    9. Inspect everything you bring into your home

    Anything that gets into the house can be used by pets as a free ride into your home. So, inspect everything that gets in, such as groceries and shopping. Clean groceries immediately and store them in their appropriate places.

    Consider natural pest prevention techniques

    10.Consider natural pest prevention techniques

    If you are wary of particular pests, there are several natural methods that you can use to prevent them from invading your home. Most of the solutions are affordable and are based on basic household items. For instance, peppermint oil in cotton balls keeps flies away. The Queensland Government also shares some information on biological control methods for treating pest animals.

    Final Thoughts

    Remember that it is better to prevent a calamity rather than handle it when it hits. Ensure you follow the above tips for a pest-free home. If you don’t have the necessary skills to DIY, don’t shy off from asking an expert to help out.…

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  • Which Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best For You?

    Vacuuming for your weekly carpet cleaning is what you do when you’re cleaning on your own. It’s just the easiest and most practical way. But it’s not enough if you want to do more than just removing particles that have gathered on the carpet fibers.

    Experts advised that you hire a professional carpet cleaning service every 12 to 18 months. It would extend the lifespan, remove stubborn stains, and improve the smell of your carpet.

    This is just for preserving the aesthetic value of your carpet. The most important benefit of carpet cleaning is it protects your health. It prevents the spread of allergens or bacteria that cause allergy and sickness.


    Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Method

    There are various methods that professionals use to clean carpets:

    • Dry cleaning
    • Steam cleaning
    • Shampooing
    • Encapsulation
    • Bonnet cleaning

    These methods have one purpose but there are various pros and cons to each method. If you choose the wrong one, you might end up ruining your carpet instead of improving its current condition.

    Do you know which carpet cleaning method is best for you? If not, contact the nearest carpet cleaning team right now!

    The most crucial factor in choosing the right method is knowing what your carpet is made of. There are different types of carpet fibers and not all of the carpet cleaning methods are right for each type.

    Your Carpet Fibers and the Right Cleaning Method   

    There are two types of carpet fibers: natural and synthetic. Plants or animals are the sources for natural fibers for carpets. The fibers used for the synthetic carpets are nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic.

    The three major fibers used in carpets in Australia are nylon, wool, and polypropylene. Some carpets are blends. 80% wool with 20% nylon is a common blend.


    Carpet Cleaning Method

    • Nylon

    Nylon is the most practical and common synthetic material used for carpets. it is noted for its durability, resilience, and stain-resistant quality. It is much cheaper and easier to clean compared to wool and it even looks just as good.

    In spite of its stain-resistant quality, some soil and stains may remain deep in the fibers. So, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are not enough in maintaining your carpet.

    You may ask your local carpet cleaning company to steam clean your nylon carpets. It should be able to clean your carpet fibers thoroughly.


    • Wool

    Wool is the most popular yet most costly natural material used for carpets. It is durable, highly resistant to stains and mild acids, fire safe, and has soil hiding qualities. Carpets with wool fibers are expensive to purchase and maintain.

    You should use water-based cleaning solutions for wool carpets to avoid discoloration and fiber degradation. Avoid using bleach because it will dissolve wool.

    You can use the wet or dry carpet cleaning methods to clean wool properly. It may, however, take longer to dry if you choose to steam clean it because wool holds moisture. Also, be careful about using hot water on your wool carpet as it will cause it to shrink.


    • Polypropylene

    Polypropylene is the most commonly used synthetic material for carpets. It is high-resistant, durable, and has good color fastness. It is also good value for money as it is cheaper than nylon.

    You can use any cleaning agent, including household bleach, for a 100% Polypropylene carpet. However, this fiber is not as resilient as other fibers.

    It also attracts oil which means any oil-based spill or residue will not be easily cleaned from the carpet’s fibers. Thus, steam cleaning is for maintaining Polypropylene carpets.


    carpet cleaning

    Leave it to the Pros

    Identifying the type of carpet fibers is just the first step to selecting the right carpet cleaning method. If you’re still uncertain, don’t worry because carpet cleaning companies are professionals in carpet care procedures.

    If you are living in Melbourne, you can contact the carpet cleaning professionals. They can assure you that the carpet cleaning method that they apply to your carpet is indeed the best for you.…

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    Hire The Best Plumbing Contractors in 5 Steps

    Hiring Plumbing Contractors

    Looking for the best plumbing contractor to fix your broken tap? Or someone to replace the shower head?

    The plumbing industry in Australia is worth a whopping $13 billion. While it may seem a simple affair, you wouldn’t want the wrong person to do it. Hiring plumbers is an expensive affair, with most charging upwards of $50 an hour, and you would want to choose the best one.

    How do you do it?

    The 5 Steps to Hire the Best Plumbing Contractor

    Here are the five steps to help you make the right choice.



    Plumbing Contractor

    Step 1 – Research Online and Ask Your Friends

    You could get plenty of quotes online – even from local plumbers. Have a look at the services around you, choose the quotes that fit your budget and start your search. Don’t just go in for the lowball bids – you would need to look at everything from your budget to their work experience.

    Have a look at the online reviews when searching online so that you choose only ones that deliver both quality and time. If you are a resident of South East Queensland, then you can choose the best plumber in your area who have built a great reputation through strong work ethics and fair prices.

    Being on time is an important criterion – you wouldn’t want to keep waiting for your plumber. You may even want to ask around your friends and relatives as to whether they have a reliable plumber of their own.


    Step 2 – Look at their Work

    Having a look at the portfolio of the plumbing contractor will tell you what they have been doing all along. While most plumbing contractors would know how to fix a broken pipe, not all could identify the right reason for a leaking pipe. Knowing that they have been in the industry for years helps you know that they would probably get the job done right.

    • If you are unsure, it’s a good idea to talk to the plumber over the phone, to know about their insights and understand how they would carry on with your work.
    • It would also give you a fair idea of how long it would take to complete the work.
    • The response time will also tell you just how busy he is – which tells you whether he will be able to do the work on time.
    • It also tells you about his social skills.

    This would also help you gauge their persona, enabling you to make a better choice – since you would know just whether they would fit in to your needs.


    Step 3- Look at their availability

    Some plumbers are available only during the day. Others, you could get hold no matter when you have a plumbing emergency.

    Going for the latter helps you pick one that you could get anytime – which could be useful for any plumbing emergency you may have in the future.


    Step 4 – Look at the services on offer

    A wide range of services can mean two things – that the plumbing contractor is either experienced in all of it or are just trying their hands on everything to earn that extra buck.

    Some plumbers only state they could help you with fixing leaking tap repairs while others fix everything from toilets to gas fittings to carrying out hot water repairs.

    Check if they have workman’s compensation insurance and offers you warranty on his products for at least a year.



    Step 5 – Compare the quotes one final time

    If you have got more than one plumbing contractor on your list now, it’s time to look at the one who is going to cost the least. Choose the one who offers low-cost services and specializes in the problem you’re dealing with.  You might want to look at the total cost though – including everything.

    These five steps will ensure that you zero in on the plumbing contractor you need.



    When hiring a plumbing contractor for your job, you need someone experienced and skilled. They can identify the problem quickly, help you during your plumbing emergencies and take care of your property the entire time.

    You wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning the work area after they are done with the job – which could save you some time.…

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  • 5 Reasons You Need To Call A Tree Lopping Company

    When You Need A Tree Lopping Company

    While you do need trees, to keep them healthy, you would need to trim and prune them from time to time. Other than helping you to keep trees healthy, the process also serves a number of purposes including safety of your property.

    The first thing that you do need to note before going in for tree lopping is the local rules and regulations. You may have to ask for permission from your council before you’re able to proceed with it. If you are the residents of Queensland can apply for permits to the local council on your behalf. Many arborists do this as a complimentary service if you hire them.


    The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Call a Tree Lopping Company

    Today we will discuss 5 top reasons for which you need to contact a tree lopping company.

    Tree Lopping Company


    1. Preserves the Health of the Tree

    Trees are often attacked by diseases and fungi. You need proper tree lopping and pruning services to keep those diseases at bay.

    Pruning also makes trees healthy and beautiful by eliminated the dead and diseased branches. You should go for regular tree lopping to identify and prevent the diseases from spreading to nearby trees.


    1. Increases Property Valuation

    Trees and their overgrown branches can block the view of your property and hide it from the public. Sometimes the branches also don’t go along with the landscaping properly.

    You can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property by calling a tree lopping company who removes the unwanted parts and trims the trees beautifully.

    With the enhancement of overall aesthetics and perfect view, the value of your property also increases so that you get a better price in the market.


    1. Keeps your Property Safe from Hazards

    It is one of the major reasons for contacting a tree lopping company. Tree and their branches can become a risk for your property and yourself especially during storms or heavy rains. You should consider pruning and lopping your trees for-


    • Removing weak and dead branches that can fall off
    • Saving the structural integrity of your property in case it is threatened by a tree
    • Preventing electrical mishaps by removing branches which block or interfere with wiring or electrical
    • Removing tree parts which blocks drainage or plumbing of your home

    If you have a dispute with a neighbour regarding a tree contact the QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) who will work to resolve the dispute with you.

    1. Facilitates Tree Growth

    We have already seen that lopping and pruning keep the trees healthy. But there are several other advantages which you may be unaware of-

    • Pruning using the right techniques have been proved to facilitate growth in trees
    • The structural integrity and form of the tree is well preserved

    tree lopping

    You must go for a professional tree lopping company who has the right experts to carry out your job. Lopping and pruning produces better results only when they are done using the correct techniques.


    1. Helps in Fruit Production

    If you have an orchard or fruit trees in your yard, then lopping and pruning will encourage fruit production. Pruning leads to the development of spurs which results in increased fruits the coming season.

    The process also removed dead and diseased branches making the trees healthy thereby encouraging fruit production.…

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    Best 5 Tips For Hiring a Corporate Carpet Cleaner

    Hiring a Corporate Carpet Cleaner

    Carpet cleaning can prove to be a very tedious and cumbersome job. Most organisations fumble keeping their office spaces clean – there is a lot to take care of from the floors to the windows and even the carpets.

    Studies have shown that vacuuming of carpets only clean the upper most dust layers but cannot reach the interior parts where most of the dirt and germs are accumulated.


    With the many employees and visitors, you need some professional help to keep things clean. Statistics suggest that as many as 31% of commercial carpet cleaning contracts are for office buildings and the number is on the rise.


    Best 5 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Cleaning Company

    Best 5 Tips For Hiring a Corporate Carpet Cleaner


    Most organisations rely on professional carpet cleaning to help keep office spaces clean. If you are a local of Queensland then you can try Pro Carpet Cleaning Brisbane who offer affordable cleaning services. Also check to see if the company is registered with a cleaning assocaition like SCRIA. Here are the top five advantages of hiring corporate carpet cleaner and how they could help you do more.

    1. Check How Fast They Are

    If you’re looking to outsource professional cleaning to professionals, you need to look at whether it can save your time. Enquire about ehe carpet cleaning times for different methods – like for dry and wet cleaning.


    Moreover, professional carpet cleaners need to know what kind of machines and cleansing solutions should be used for different type of carpets to remove the stains or dirt. Instead of you asking for a solution, they should be able to recommend you what’s right for your needs.


    1. How Simple Is It?

    Carpet cleaning isn’t easy job. It requires to move around your furniture to vacuum the carpet.  And Its often the right spots that need cleaning are left dirty.

    Professional carpet cleaners can come handy during this time as they know how to handle carpets step by step and can avoid the laborious task for you.


    1. How Good is It For Your Health?

    Improper carpet cleaning can result in deteriorating health condition. If carpet not cleaned in a proper way then asthmatic patients will be in trouble.


    Carpet cleaning just on the surface doesn’t work – you need to work on the interiors as well and you can ensure it by hiring professionals.


    Corporate cleaners, for instance, can clear the stench left by the food particles still stuck in the interiors. Carpet cleaning companies know how and what to do to remove that odour and provide a healthy stench free-environment.


    1. Can they Prolong the Carpet lifespan?

    Quality carpets are a huge investment – it’s what makes your office spaces seem more charming and elegant. Unfortunately, office spaces have a lot of visitors too – which could mean that you would need intensive carpet care.

    corporate carpet cleaner

    Deep cleaning and disinfection can increase the lifespan of the carpet and keep the carpet in its original pristine form.

    Ask your carpet cleaner how they can help you in taking care of your carpet?


    1. Do they Offer a Guarantee?


    The best part about hiring professionals is that most companies offer a guarantee policy. It ensures the carpet’s quality for a period of 14-30 days from washing.

    This may include a money back scheme or a re-wash scheme which are both beneficial for the customers. Does your carpet cleaner offer it too?

    While you’d have a good many choices when it comes to hiring a corporate cleaner, knowing what you need just makes the job a lot simpler for you.…

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  • 10 Tips To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

    Becoming a homeowner in Australia and moving to your new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life.

    After you wait to be approved for a loan, have your offer on the house accepted, make it through the inspections, and finally close on the home, the stress doesn’t stop there.

    You also need to worry about the move itself. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make the moving process less stressful.


    Purge Your Home Before You Pack

    Before you start packing up your belongings, you need to go through everything and get rid of things that you no longer want or no longer need.

    Even if you are planning to hire a professional packing company, you should still go through everything in your home.

    If there are things that you no longer need but are still in good condition, you can give them away to Goodwill or you can have a yard sale to make a bit of money.

    Anything that is in poor condition should be put in a separate pile to be thrown away. Finally, be sure to sell or toss your items before your scheduled moving day.

    10 Tips To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

    Research Moving Companies

    A professional mover can make a move much easier and less stressful. Since the moving company will be handling all of your belongings and driving them from the old home to the new one, you want to work with a reputable company that you can trust.

    You should look for a company that offers reasonable rates, that has the necessary licenses and insurance, and that has excellent reviews from former customers. In Brisbane, Scottys The Movers! provide furniture removalists at affordable prices for local and interstate moves.


    Create a Master Schedule

    A month before moving day, you should create a list of things that need to be done regarding sorting, packing, and making any necessary repairs in the home that you are leaving. When you have completed your list, you will need a calendar.

    Write one of the chores on each day of the calendar. When you have just one small task to do each day, it will make the long to-do list less intimidating. You can also use a moving checklist to help organise what needs to be done.


    Gather All of Your Packing Supplies

    A few weeks before the move, you should get all of the moving supplies that you are going to need. This will give you an opportunity to do a little bit of packing each day.

    You can purchase boxes at your local hardware store or at a truck rental facility. If you don’t want to spend money on boxes, you can go to your local grocery store to see if they have free boxes available.

    You can also check neighborhood apps and Facebook to see if people are giving away their used moving boxes.

    You are also going to need packing paper, bubble wrap, a Sharpie marker to mark the boxes, and packing tape. When you gather all of your packing supplies, you can cross it off your schedule.


    Make One Trip to the Hardware Store

    You shouldn’t go to the hardware store until you have created your master schedule. When you know exactly what you are going to need, you can take just one trip rather than wasting your time making several trips.

    After your list is created, you will know if you are going to need caulking, paint, duct tape, and any other items needed to make repairs in your old home as well as for the move.


    Handle the Mail and the Utilities Early

    You should fill out a change of address card with the post office at least a before the move. There is a section on the form where you can write the date that you want to mail to begin being delivered to your new home.

    You should also contact the utility companies as soon as you have a move-in date. This will ensure that you have all of your utilities connected on the day that you move.

    If it is necessary for a technician to come out to your home, you should make the appointment the day before you move. This will make things less chaotic on moving day.


    Recruit Helpers Early

    If you are going to need help moving or unpacking, you should make arrangements with friends and family members early. Let them know exactly what time you are starting and what time they can leave.

    Since they are taking time out of their day to help you, the least you can do is have a set schedule in place.


    Pack Necessary Items Separately

    Most people don’t get their entire home unpacked on the day that they move. There are going to be items that you need on moving day and if you don’t get everything unpacked on day one, it can make life in the home difficult until all of the boxes are unpacked.

    To make your life easier, pack certain items ahead of time and keep them in your car rather than putting them on the moving truck. This will make them easy to find. The items that you should pack separately include:


    • Cleaning Supplies

    There is a good chance that you will need cleaning supplies while you are unpacking. You should put together a cleaning kit so that you have everything on hand at the new house.

    There are several items that you may need while you are unpacking. In a clear bin, gather a change of clothing, medication, Ibuprofen, a first aid kit, pet dishes and food, and any other items that you use each day.


    • Bedding

    You should pack your bedding separately and keep it in your car. After a long day of packing, you are going to want a good night’s sleep.

    If you have …

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    10 Best Electrical Safety Tips For Home Owners

    Best Electrical Safety Tips

    Most homes rely on electricity to power appliances, provide lighting and warmth. It is so convenient that we rarely think ‘safety’ around electricity until the danger is obvious.

    Accidents related to electricity have led to the loss of lives, limbs, and property. While some cases are purely accidental, negligence and ignorance are the main cause of electrical troubles.

    Homeowners need to pay particular attention to electricity and electrical appliances to keep the danger away from their loved ones.

    Below are the 10 best electrical safety tips for homeowners to learn

    10 Best Electrical Safety Tips For Home Owners

    1. Regularly check all your outlets

    Overloaded outlets are the main cause of electrical fires in homes. Never exceed the maximum power consumption permitted to avoid dangerous faults.

    Standard electrical outlets should only power a couple of 120v. To avoid overloading household power strips better ask a professional if you are not sure about the power consumption of your appliances.


    2. Have a professional repair your electrical appliances

    Unless you have taken a professional course on electrical appliances repair, do not try fixing your own devices. Many homeowners have been seriously injured trying to repair appliances while they were still plugged in.

    The most common injury is related to people sticking a knife in a toaster. You’re better off calling a licensed electrician melbourne who can repair toasters and other electrical appliances safely. Toasters plus knives is not a good mix. Unless of course you use an invention by Protex which allows you to stick knifes in live toasters without causing electrocution.

    3. Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands

    It is tempting to touch a hairdryer or shaver with wet hands but you should never fall for it. Make sure your hands are perfectly dry before using any electrical appliances to avoid serious injuries.

    Water is a good conductor of electricity so you risk getting toasted if you handle the toaster, heater or electric kettle or other appliances with wet hands.


    4. Wear shoes while using power tools

    It is important to wear proper attire when handling outside power tools like the lawn mower. You might think it’s cool to mow the yard without shoes on until the blades catch your toes.

    Besides shoes, there is safety eyewear, earplugs, and gloves to keep your body protected from dangers posed by your favorite power tools.


    5. Make sure your home has GFCI’s

    Bathrooms and other spaces with running water equipped with GFCI’s or ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against shock hazards.

    GFCI’s have become a requirement for newer homes as they can shut off a current from a particular circuit upon the feeling that it is dangerous.

    If your house is more than 40 years old, have it inspected and install ground fault circuit interrupters if they are not present.

    Kitchens, laundry and bathrooms demand GFCI’s for a home to be declared safe for occupation.


    6. Invest in tamper-resistant receptacles

    If you have kids, you know they love sticking things into electrical outlets. This is a dangerous game that could lead to shocks and even fires so you need TR receptacles.

    Cheap option equipped with spring-loaded shutters will protect your children from electrocution if they choose to stick metallic items in sockets.

    Electrical Safety Tips

    7. Make sure your lights are stable

    When you switch on the lights at home, watch closely to make sure they do not flicker or turn off without a reason. Loose or broken wires are the main cause of real fire dangers.

    To resolve this problem, have a professional check the switch, light or home panel. Everything must be properly grounded and terminal connections shouldn’t be in contact with metal.


    8. Never use water to douse electrical fires

    If you see fire coming from an electrical outlet, do not try using water to stop it. Electricity feeds on water so you must instead use a fire retardant chemical extinguisher.

    In fact, experts recommend having one on each level of a home, teach everyone how to use them and know when it is time for a replacement.


    9. Read the warning signs

    Warm outlets, burning smells, loose outlets are a sign that something dangerous is cooking. If you notice any of these signals, call in an expert immediately to avert trouble before it is too late. Make sure electrical appliances:

    • Have proper plugs
    • Have complete cords
    • Meet safety standards

    10. Three-pronged plugs are the best

    Replace any appliances with only two prongs as this means they will not connect properly to a grounded outlet. Poor connections only pose risks of injury and fires in households.


    Electricity can surely serve you well but if you aren’t careful it can be the cause of ruin. Learn these tips by heart so you are able to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from the hazards of electricity.…

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