5 Reasons You Need To Call A Tree Lopping Company

When You Need A Tree Lopping Company

While you do need trees, to keep them healthy, you would need to trim and prune them from time to time. Other than helping you to keep trees healthy, the process also serves a number of purposes including safety of your property.

The first thing that you do need to note before going in for tree lopping is the local rules and regulations. You may have to ask for permission from your council before you’re able to proceed with it. If you are the residents of Queensland www.protreeremovalbrisbane.com.au can apply for permits to the local council on your behalf. Many arborists do this as a complimentary service if you hire them.


The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Call a Tree Lopping Company

Today we will discuss 5 top reasons for which you need to contact a tree lopping company.

Tree Lopping Company


  1. Preserves the Health of the Tree

Trees are often attacked by diseases and fungi. You need proper tree lopping and pruning services to keep those diseases at bay.

Pruning also makes trees healthy and beautiful by eliminated the dead and diseased branches. You should go for regular tree lopping to identify and prevent the diseases from spreading to nearby trees.


  1. Increases Property Valuation

Trees and their overgrown branches can block the view of your property and hide it from the public. Sometimes the branches also don’t go along with the landscaping properly.

You can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property by calling a tree lopping company who removes the unwanted parts and trims the trees beautifully.

With the enhancement of overall aesthetics and perfect view, the value of your property also increases so that you get a better price in the market.


  1. Keeps your Property Safe from Hazards

It is one of the major reasons for contacting a tree lopping company. Tree and their branches can become a risk for your property and yourself especially during storms or heavy rains. You should consider pruning and lopping your trees for-


  • Removing weak and dead branches that can fall off
  • Saving the structural integrity of your property in case it is threatened by a tree
  • Preventing electrical mishaps by removing branches which block or interfere with wiring or electrical
  • Removing tree parts which blocks drainage or plumbing of your home

If you have a dispute with a neighbour regarding a tree contact the QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) who will work to resolve the dispute with you.

  1. Facilitates Tree Growth

We have already seen that lopping and pruning keep the trees healthy. But there are several other advantages which you may be unaware of-

  • Pruning using the right techniques have been proved to facilitate growth in trees
  • The structural integrity and form of the tree is well preserved

tree lopping

You must go for a professional tree lopping company who has the right experts to carry out your job. Lopping and pruning produces better results only when they are done using the correct techniques.


  1. Helps in Fruit Production

If you have an orchard or fruit trees in your yard, then lopping and pruning will encourage fruit production. Pruning leads to the development of spurs which results in increased fruits the coming season.

The process also removed dead and diseased branches making the trees healthy thereby encouraging fruit production.