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The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2014) is inviting sponsors and exhibitors to reserve space at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong, China.


The conference will provide a unique opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss research directions for the future. Technical topics of the conference include all areas of robotics and automation.

The Centre

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is the largest convention and exhibition centre in Hong Kong, and has been named "Asia's Best Convention and Exhibition Centre" for nine times by readers of CEI Asia magazine, a leading regional publication.

 Important Dates

Important Dates

Important Dates: August 15, Proposals for organized/ special sessions September 15 16, Submission of Full-length papers and videos September 15 16, Proposals for tutorials/ workshops January 15, Notification of paper and video acceptance February 15, Final Submission Deadline


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  • 10 Best Electrical Safety Tips For Home Owners

    Best Electrical Safety Tips

    Most homes rely on electricity to power appliances, provide lighting and warmth. It is so convenient that we rarely think ‘safety’ around electricity until the danger is obvious.

    Accidents related to electricity have led to the loss of lives, limbs, and property. While some cases are purely accidental, negligence and ignorance are the main cause of electrical troubles.

    Homeowners need to pay particular attention to electricity and electrical appliances to keep the danger away from their loved ones.

    Below are the 10 best electrical safety tips for homeowners to learn

    10 Best Electrical Safety Tips For Home Owners

    1. Regularly check all your outlets

    Overloaded outlets are the main cause of electrical fires in homes. Never exceed the maximum power consumption permitted to avoid dangerous faults.

    Standard electrical outlets should only power a couple of 120v. To avoid overloading household power strips better ask a professional if you are not sure about the power consumption of your appliances.


    2. Have a professional repair your electrical appliances

    Unless you have taken a professional course on electrical appliances repair, do not try fixing your own devices. Many homeowners have been seriously injured trying to repair appliances while they were still plugged in.

    The most common injury is related to people sticking a knife in a toaster. You’re better off calling a licensed electrician melbourne who can repair toasters and other electrical appliances safely. Toasters plus knives is not a good mix. Unless of course you use an invention by Protex which allows you to stick knifes in live toasters without causing electrocution.

    3. Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands

    It is tempting to touch a hairdryer or shaver with wet hands but you should never fall for it. Make sure your hands are perfectly dry before using any electrical appliances to avoid serious injuries.

    Water is a good conductor of electricity so you risk getting toasted if you handle the toaster, heater or electric kettle or other appliances with wet hands.


    4. Wear shoes while using power tools

    It is important to wear proper attire when handling outside power tools like the lawn mower. You might think it’s cool to mow the yard without shoes on until the blades catch your toes.

    Besides shoes, there is safety eyewear, earplugs, and gloves to keep your body protected from dangers posed by your favorite power tools.


    5. Make sure your home has GFCI’s

    Bathrooms and other spaces with running water equipped with GFCI’s or ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against shock hazards.

    GFCI’s have become a requirement for newer homes as they can shut off a current from a particular circuit upon the feeling that it is dangerous.

    If your house is more than 40 years old, have it inspected and install ground fault circuit interrupters if they are not present.

    Kitchens, laundry and bathrooms demand GFCI’s for a home to be declared safe for occupation.


    6. Invest in tamper-resistant receptacles

    If you have kids, you know they love sticking things into electrical outlets. This is a dangerous game that could lead to shocks and even fires so you need TR receptacles.

    Cheap option equipped with spring-loaded shutters will protect your children from electrocution if they choose to stick metallic items in sockets.

    Electrical Safety Tips

    7. Make sure your lights are stable

    When you switch on the lights at home, watch closely to make sure they do not flicker or turn off without a reason. Loose or broken wires are the main cause of real fire dangers.

    To resolve this problem, have a professional check the switch, light or home panel. Everything must be properly grounded and terminal connections shouldn’t be in contact with metal.


    8. Never use water to douse electrical fires

    If you see fire coming from an electrical outlet, do not try using water to stop it. Electricity feeds on water so you must instead use a fire retardant chemical extinguisher.

    In fact, experts recommend having one on each level of a home, teach everyone how to use them and know when it is time for a replacement.


    9. Read the warning signs

    Warm outlets, burning smells, loose outlets are a sign that something dangerous is cooking. If you notice any of these signals, call in an expert immediately to avert trouble before it is too late. Make sure electrical appliances:

    • Have proper plugs
    • Have complete cords
    • Meet safety standards

    10. Three-pronged plugs are the best

    Replace any appliances with only two prongs as this means they will not connect properly to a grounded outlet. Poor connections only pose risks of injury and fires in households.


    Electricity can surely serve you well but if you aren’t careful it can be the cause of ruin. Learn these tips by heart so you are able to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from the hazards of electricity.…

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    8 Ways to Dominate Youtube For Your Business

    How To Dominate Youtube For Business

    Topple the stats and become the King in the arena of Youtube business campaigning. YouTube is ranked the no #3 world’s search engine.

    If you are striving to increases sales, attract customers’ attention, growing your  business and retaining your target audience, it is time that you dominate the YouTube.

    Google is increasingly showing YouTube videos in their search result now which meansthat videos are becoming as acknowledged as written information.

    YouTube has refashioned the advertisement media and has marked itself as the universal platform for all businesses of today to exhibit and publicize their image  to the world.

    The more powerful the video you deliver, the more executive you  look in the eyes of the Google and the better chances you stand of improving  your ranking.

    With the nerve wrecking competition and the spine tingling  war of businesses to dominate the YouTube ranking, you will definitely need masterful strokes to outrun your opponents.

    8 Ways to Dominate Youtube For Your Business

    I am outlining 8 impelling ways to dominate YouTube for your business:

    1. Know your audience:

    Pay detailed attention to your target audience. Specify their needs and wants and design your video to capture interest instantaneously.

    Relate to your audience in your videos by adding a personal touch. Gain their trust and affection through awakening their emotions through your video content.

    2. Keep your videos interesting

    The main purpose of the video is to get your message across.  Therefore, make sure that the content is not obscurely long, or too detailed.  Keep your message short and to the point.

    Research shows that shorter videos are  better preferred by the customers. Edit your videos to secure a phenomenal  message. Remove all unwanted pauses and footage.

    Remember that you are not just  advertising to a few hundreds of people but you are reaching out to a mammoth  number.

    3. Magic Title

    Words can work magic if chosen correctly. Make sure that the  title of your video is simple yet forceful and eye-catching.

    4. Be an active social member

    Be active on social media websites such as Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and regularly advertise your video on these giant medias.

    Engage with people, and encourage them to give ideas and opinions. If your  video becomes viral on social media platforms, then it will definitely boost up  your sales and give you a lead in the Google ranking.

    5. Update your Channel regularly

    People love to see fresh and colorful content. If you want  to be remembered you need to stamp your company image.

    Constantly add stimulating  content to your videos, insert innovative themes and superior story.

    Make it a  point to post weekly or monthly to your Business Channel to bring your brand  into the limelight.

    6. Insert your company link in the description

    If you are a big brand, make sure that all your videos have  your company website link in the description box.

    Also ensure that some part of the video skillfully displays your company logo. Use animations and high definition editing to add dynamics and spirit to your video content.

    8 Ways to Dominate Youtube For Your Business

    7. Insert Captions

    Captions are the subtitles version of YouTube. Using captions  will ensure that people from all over the world can watch your video without  being restrained by the language barrier.

    This increases your brand image and goodwill.

    8. Request other website owners to embed your  videos:

    This is one of the best ways of increasing target audience.  By placing your videos on other popular websites, your video is likely to get  more exposure through niche advertising. Check more here

    The more time you contribute towards creating a superior
    video, the better opportunity you have of reining the rankings and dominating  YouTube for your business.…

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  • 5 Ways to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

    Get Free Press for Your Business

    Learn The Best 5 Ways To Get Free Press

    Ways to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

    You don’t have to be smart to realize the advantages press attention can have for your business. You get discovered by new customers, establish your brand, gain more footfall or traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales.

    Today we will give you a basic guide on how to get free press attention for your business.

    Before you Proceed…

    Here are some of the things you need to note down.

    • Define your objectives and clearly have a picture of why you want good press
    • Mark out your audience and identify who they are
    • Research what they are reading including publications they follow
    • Identify the USP and potential aspects of your business that are worth publicizing
    • Now that you have made the above considerations, let’s move on.

    5 Practical Ways to get Free Press for your Business

    You need engagement and you could do it by following the right principles. Here are a few things that would work for you in the longer run.

    1. Be Unique!

    It doesn’t even need explaining that if you have something remarkable or unique, attention will come to you. That is the same case with press if you have a unique product or service.

    For example, see how Ryanair wanted to start standing seats for their flight passengers which got then immediate attention!

    But if your business is inherently uninteresting, like a plumbing agency, do something unique to stand out. Create a new website design, offer some unique add-on service or develop a funny personality for your brand- which the press will cover for their own interests!

    1. Aim Low in the Beginning

    You may not be able to get a free coverage from the big names in the news industry. But the campus news portal of your graduating university may be interested in running a success story of their alumni member.

    Once you are out there, more attention will follow.

    1. Use Free Resources

    The best free resource on the internet to get linked to journalists is HARO. It gives a platform for journalists to convey their questions directly to you once you sign up. You become an expert and get quoted for free.

    Another great way to get free attention is to start writing guest blogs yourself. You can express your ideas as an expert and get yourself to the people in your niche. There are many high quality websites that accept guest posts.

    1. Don’t Hesitate to Approach

    That doesn’t imply that you pitch to each and every journalist you come across. Pick out the ones who are relevant to your industry for better chances of success.

    It is better to use email or meet face to face when approaching an expert or a journalist. Be ready with your pitch and try to convey how writing for you may benefit them.

    Small Business

    1. Try out Local Newspapers

    Sometimes local newspapers accept well constructed press releases which can be interesting to their readers. It may not give you national coverage, but works well for the local audience.

    Hire a freelancer if you aren’t equipped to write one for yourself.

    At a glance-

    • Try to be unique with your approach if your business isn’t
    • Use free resources and start with local publications and news agencies
    • Make your pitch to promising journalists who can run your story

    Here’s waiting for the attention to roll in!…

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