5 Ways to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

Get Free Press for Your Business

Learn The Best 5 Ways To Get Free Press

Ways to Get Free Press for Your Small Business

You don’t have to be smart to realize the advantages press attention can have for your business. You get discovered by new customers, establish your brand, gain more footfall or traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales.

Today we will give you a basic guide on how to get free press attention for your business.

Before you Proceed…

Here are some of the things you need to note down.

  • Define your objectives and clearly have a picture of why you want good press
  • Mark out your audience and identify who they are
  • Research what they are reading including publications they follow
  • Identify the USP and potential aspects of your business that are worth publicizing
  • Now that you have made the above considerations, let’s move on.

5 Practical Ways to get Free Press for your Business

You need engagement and you could do it by following the right principles. Here are a few things that would work for you in the longer run.

  1. Be Unique!

It doesn’t even need explaining that if you have something remarkable or unique, attention will come to you. That is the same case with press if you have a unique product or service.

For example, see how Ryanair wanted to start standing seats for their flight passengers which got then immediate attention!

But if your business is inherently uninteresting, like a plumbing agency, do something unique to stand out. Create a new website design, offer some unique add-on service or develop a funny personality for your brand- which the press will cover for their own interests!

  1. Aim Low in the Beginning

You may not be able to get a free coverage from the big names in the news industry. But the campus news portal of your graduating university may be interested in running a success story of their alumni member.

Once you are out there, more attention will follow.

  1. Use Free Resources

The best free resource on the internet to get linked to journalists is HARO. It gives a platform for journalists to convey their questions directly to you once you sign up. You become an expert and get quoted for free.

Another great way to get free attention is to start writing guest blogs yourself. You can express your ideas as an expert and get yourself to the people in your niche. There are many high quality websites that accept guest posts.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Approach

That doesn’t imply that you pitch to each and every journalist you come across. Pick out the ones who are relevant to your industry for better chances of success.

It is better to use email or meet face to face when approaching an expert or a journalist. Be ready with your pitch and try to convey how writing for you may benefit them.

Small Business

  1. Try out Local Newspapers

Sometimes local newspapers accept well constructed press releases which can be interesting to their readers. It may not give you national coverage, but works well for the local audience.

Hire a freelancer if you aren’t equipped to write one for yourself.

At a glance-

  • Try to be unique with your approach if your business isn’t
  • Use free resources and start with local publications and news agencies
  • Make your pitch to promising journalists who can run your story

Here’s waiting for the attention to roll in!